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    Song Lyrics / R / Raphael Gualazzi / Madness Of Love English Translation Lyrics
    Saying yes, saying never, itís not easy, you know
    If all of us are in the orbit in this madness
    I do not know who you are, I do not care who you are
    I just miss the charm of nostalgia

    But you will see another me in a fragile dream
    You will laugh as if I had never loved you
    You will look for another me beyond the shadow of a coffee
    You will find me only if I stop for a moment
    I no longer know who you are

    Here we live like this, day by day, night by night
    And while the world turns away from its poetry
    Donít ever portray me, donít ever make me
    Abandon the threshold of my madness

    But you will see another disarmed fragile me
    Because who you are, no, it will never change
    Even if I were you, like the time Iíd run out
    But stay with me, donít let me miss a single moment of you

    And you will see another you, almost invincible
    Alive as ever and it is there where you will have me
    False magic will be beyond the horizon
    Shine, shine, shine, shine

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