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    Song Lyrics / A / Amaury Vassili / Sognu English Translation Lyrics
    I dream of those lips
    The voice, clear and pure
    I still think of you
    That night, there with you

    Iím dreaming, but lamenting
    And my heart, indifferent
    To the life that awaits me tomorrow
    Iím kneeling; I look at the sea

    I shared the world with you
    But you, you didnít want to go
    Singing of victory
    Far from you, I still think that
    Youíre inside me, I dream of you

    I will sing, sing to you
    The song of you and me

    I cry and I am the worse for it
    I will ask the sky until I die
    There among the mountains, I will confront you
    To awake myself from this dream

    If you die, take me

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